Save Some Money, Fatty

Want to lose weight?

With the holidays here, I’m pretty sure a lot of people will be adding “get into shape” onto their new year’s resolutions lists. Have you tried strict diets in the past that haven’t worked? Well here is a simple solution to weight loss:

There are only two reasons why you’re fat.

1. You eat too much

2. You don’t exercise enough

Now, I’m not a personal trainer, so I’m just going to be focusing on reason number 1… You eat too much. Why do you eat so much? I don’t know, but apparently being fat is not enough of a reason for you to stop eating so much. So let’s just focus on saving money. Assuming you eat out for lunch every weekday, at six to seven dollars per meal, you’re probably eating at least a hundred and fifty dollars a month in lunch alone. If you throw in dinner, weekends, and the occasional more expensive meal into the mix, you’re probably spending at least three to four hundred dollars per month on eating out alone.

So the obvious answer everyone thinks of is to bring lunch from home. And yes, that is the correct answer. But, most people don’t know how to cook or don’t have enough time to cook every day. And honestly, if you don’t cook often, you probably are missing a lot of necessary ingredients and cooking at home may result in you actually spending more money.

Here’s a simple solution. Eat a sandwich. It takes about 25 seconds to make a sandwich and if you do it correctly, you can buy about a week’s worth of sandwich supplies for about fifteen bucks. I ate the same sandwich, breakfast, lunch and dinner, for two weeks. I lost eight pounds. The main focus of eating sandwiches is to save money; the weight loss is just an added bonus. The new game becomes “How many days in a row do you think you can eat the same sandwich without going nuts?” It kind of depends on whether you can repeatedly eat the same thing over and over but it becomes a bit fun after a while. It is almost like a personal achievement in which you later get to brag to people about how many days in a row you ate the same sandwich. (As I just did to you)

So to my fatties out there who are trying to lose some weight and save some cash. Go out there and see how many days in a row YOU can eat the same sandwich for.

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