Save Some Money, Fatty pt 2

If you haven’t read Save Some Money, Fatty, you can read it here. Today I’ll be addressing the second reason of why you’re fat… You don’t exercise enough. You need to get into a gym. But first, you need a gym membership. Today I’ll be teaching you how to do the gym pass shuffle. It is the most efficient way to get into a gym without paying for costly membership fees.

Most large gym chains will offer a free trial for potential members. For example, 24 Hour Fitness offers a free seven day pass to all non-members.

Here’s the link

I’m willing to bet you probably have roughly three to six different 24 Hour facilities within 10 miles of where you live or work. Print out the free pass and get a one week trial membership to a local 24 hour gym. After the week is up, print out another pass for a different location. Once you have done this at all the gyms in your area, simply rinse and repeat. Enough time should have passed in order for you to re-use the pass at the original gym. Try your best to get a different representative each time but don’t worry if you get the same person. They won’t remember you. Make sure you tell them you are new to the area, you are looking for a new gym and you have not been to that particular gym before.

The gym pass shuffle can easily get you at least two months of free gym access.

But are seven day periods of free gymin’ not good enough for you?

Me neither. Switching to a new gym every week may become a bit bothersome after a while. So let’s go over some strategies on how to extend our 7 day pass.

Go to the gym at night. Try to go to the gym after 10 PM because that’s when most of the gym representatives that can process your free 7 day pass have already gone home for the day. The front desk person won’t be able to give you the free membership. He/she will most likely just let you work out and tell you to bring the pass in tomorrow during the day. If you keep bringing in your free 7 day pass when nobody is there to process it, you will essentially be getting free daily admittance. This could extend your 7 day pass to much longer.

When you do finally go to the gym and there is someone that can process you free pass, make sure you ask buying questions. Tell them you have a friend who is also interested trying out this gym. Tell them about other gyms you’ve visited and how they offer two, three or even four week trial memberships. Make sure you seem interested in testing out the quality of this particular facility and then straight up ask them if they can give you a longer trial membership. Most likely they will.

That pretty much sums up the gym pass shuffle. It is a pretty simple and efficient way to get free gym access. There are other strategies that you could use to extend the 7 day pass but some of them require a bit of skill. If you would like to know more, just ask in the comment section.

And of course, this strategy is obviously not a permanent solution to getting a gym membership. If you are good, I would estimate that you would get roughly 3 months of gym access before they start catching on. When that time comes, just buy a two year pass at Costco. It’s only 300 bucks.

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