Save On Your Six Pack

beer1This is my third week in SF. And considering I’ve lived in the ‘burbs my entire life, I think I am transitioning to city life fairly well. I even gave someone directions last week like I knew what I was talking about. Also, yesterday I witnessed a hobo breaking into a van that didn’t have its windows closed all the way. After one of the weirder conversations I’ve ever had, we agreed that he would put everything back if I gave him $2. I’m pretty sure he just went back and took everything again after I left but I’ve never had anyone ask me if I wanted to blow him that many times in a row before and I really didn’t want to find out what would happen if I pushed it.

Anyways, let me change the subject and tell you about how I recently discovered that they sell a six pack of beer here for $13. THIRTEEN dollars for a six pack of beer?! What the hell is that man? I mean I know things in the city are more expensive, but thirteen dollars is just crazy. I’ve been visiting friends lately and beer is really easy to pick up so I’ve been wasting a lot of money on $13 beers. This is definitely not the iamhellacheap way to do things.

So, I had my buddy, who was visiting from Fremont, pick up some beers for me at Costco. At Costco, it costs $22 for 24 beers. So essentially I am paying $5.50 for a six pack instead of $13, which means saving an easy seven bucks every time I bring beer over.

This sounds like a pretty easy solution to a problem right? Apparently not, because my friends like to poke holes in all my great ideas and complained about how I wouldn’t have the cardboard beer holder that they give you if you actually buy a six pack. To be honest, if someone came over and gave me beer, I wouldn’t care what they brought it in. It’s not like the beer will taste better if they wasted more money on it.

But for the sake of people who like to be cheap and pretend they’re not, I actually went down to the liquor store and asked if they had any extra card board six pack holders. The guy was super nice and ended up giving me a ton of brand new six pack cardboard holders. So, now I can bring beer over to your house with a matching bottle holder and pretend like I paid $13 for it when I only paid $5.50. Also, I think you can go to Whole Foods or other store that offers “mix and match” beer and get free bottle holders there too.



Here is my new collection. Guess how much that six pack at the top cost me? Feel free to try this out yourself.