Hello all. Boy, do I have a hot tip for you today. Just kidding. This will probably not come of use to you for quite a while (or ever). It has to do with moving. If you’re renting an apartment, chances are you probably move every other year. And when moving day comes, you’re going to need a lot of… boxes.

Yes boxes. I actually had no idea until recently, but cardboard boxes are quite expensive. And when I say expensive, I mean a rip-off. I was searching for cardboard boxes to buy online so I typed “cardboard boxes Irvine” into Google. I would say if you took every link on the first page and took their average price for cardboard boxes, it’s going to be around $100 for twenty-five or so boxes. ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for boxes?! Are they wrapped in cashmere or something? Goddamn, for $100 they better come with eight midgets that pack my stuff for me.

Anyways, if you’re looking for cheap boxes you can forget about going to a grocery store or Costco. They crush and bundle all of their boxes into bales and recycle them. Also the boxes they have are weird shaped and not really meant for moving. You want to go to a warehouse that packs and unpacks a lot of boxes every day. You can easily find them on craigslist. There’s quite a few of them and they’re willing to sell you durable cardboard boxes for about fifty cents each. So instead of spending a hundred bucks, you can spend ten.

Now I know most of my posts are directed at the fellas, so this one was more for the ladies. To be honest, I don’t think most guys(straight) need that many boxes. I can probably move everything I own into my car in less than 45 minutes. Girls on the other hand own a lot of shit and also are really not that saving savvy (Also they suck at carrying things). So ladies… I just saved you ninety dollars. Maybe the next time you go out on a date, you can pick up the check. 🙂

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