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I think we can all agree that a key to having a successful blog is to consistently update with new content. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly easy to come up with relatable, financial advice on a regular basis. I know, even despite the fact that at least once every two weeks someone suggests some obscure fact for me to write about. “Hey I just saved like $3.25 parking over here instead of over there in this very specific situation. You should blog about that.” “Hey, I found a quarter on the ground on my way over here. You should blog about that.” I actually really wish I wrote down all of these useless nice suggestions I’ve gotten over the past few years so I actually could “blog about that.”

Lately, I’ve noticed it’s been more and more common where I find myself saying the words “I’m not actually that cheap” to someone who I just met through a mutual friend. I mean it feels like a necessary safety precursor because getting introduced as “Hey this is Albert. He is hella cheap.” isn’t always the best first impression. “Uhh… I know he just told you that I have a website that says the exact opposite, but it would make more sense if you knew me and…”

Anyways, when I’m not talking about how to save your money on here, I’m usually spreading some theory that I made up, which is actually an excellent segue to what’s coming next.

I don’t exactly own an Instagram account, but I can hashtag as hard as the rest of you. I have recently learned about how girls will post a picture of themselves, but instead of a regular picture it will be the same picture twice or three times. See here for examples (from the internet):

Triple girl
Slightly changing triple girl
Double girl

Notice how it’s pretty much the exact same picture but they felt the need to put it in multiple times. So my theory is that this is a strategic attempt to accomplish the cheerleader effect… with themselves. The cheerleader effect, as explained on How I Met Your Mother, is when girls look hotter in a group than they do individually.

Someone please tell me that’s not going on here. Because, I really think that I have cracked the secret to why this is a thing.

Something else that I feel like everyone is aware of and that nobody really talks about is how Instagram and social media in general is ruining relationships for dudes.

Let me explain. Any time some girl’s boyfriend does something nice for her, it’s become pretty common nowadays for her to take a picture of it, put it on the internet and tell all her friends. What’s really happening when she does this though is that she is simultaneously raising the standards of the hundreds of girls who see that picture and read that sweet little caption and irrelevant hashtags. Now imagine this being done on a large scale; hundreds of thousands of girls raising the bar for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of girls every single day.

And it’s not like one girl raises the bar for everyone once and she’s done. No, it’s a constant, repetitive, vicious cycle. Everyone just keeps sharing and sharing and expectations just keep rising and rising. It’s like some competition every girl secretly agreed to take part in where the real victims are the poor, poor boyfriend and husbands.

But you see, girls are trying to make this a couple vs couple thing because they’ll benefit regardless. We need to view this as a male vs female thing. I know we’ve all contributed to and suffered from this at some point, but I think becoming organized is the only way to slow this down.

Now, realistically, I actually have no idea how to go about stopping this. I started writing this thinking I’d have a solution by the time I finished but I guess we’re here now and I don’t… sorry. I mean I would suggest that everyone stop being nice to your girlfriend at the exact same time, but I feel like that wouldn’t catch on, you know, because of logistics and everything. Also, I don’t want to die.

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