Make Your Cheap Date Cheaper

This post goes out to my fellas out there trying to holler at the ladies. I’ve definitely been there and I understand that going out on dates take a lot of work and more importantly, money. And even I, someone who deems himself as hella cheap, will suggest that the guy should probably pay for the first date. Dates are expensive for two obvious reasons. One, you’re probably going to be eating somewhere nicer than where you usually eat. And two, you’re going to have to pay for two people. It’s probably safe to say you’re going to be spending at least four or five times what you usually spend on a meal. Now here’s my advice… always eat before the date.

Now, when you’re out on your date, there are only a few things you can control as far as price goes. You can’t control what she orders, but if she’s not a dick, she’ll probably order something in the middle of the menu. What you can control though is what you order. A lot of nice restaurants tend to give you delicious food in small portions. Personally, I hate that. It forces you to want to buy appetizers and larger plates and etc. But if you eat before the date, then you can order less for yourself and save yourself some money. Don’t starve yourself all day because you’re trying to save money for your date, and when it finally comes you order a large meal at an expensive restaurant because you’re so hungry. That is counterproductive.

When I first took my girlfriend out on our first date, I ate a double-double and a cheeseburger before I even picked her up. I then took her out to sushi and we ordered one roll each. Typically girls do not eat very much (unless you’re dating a fatty) so it was satisfying for her. I was also satisfied because I was already full before we sat down. If I hadn’t eaten before I probably would have ordered like three more rolls for myself, and wasted an extra twenty or thirty bucks.

$$CHA-CHING$$ Money stays in my pocket.

Eating before the date will also ensure that you are in a better mood. I don’t know about you, but I am not a food connoisseur so when I spend a lot of money on food and am not full when I’m done eating, I start feeling angry on the inside. So guys, please don’t start feeling angry inside on the first date with the new girl you’re about to bang. Eat before.