levelmoneySo, I think I was somewhat sexually harassed last weekend. I was peeing at a urinal at the airport when some old dude goes to the urinal next to me and starts chatting me up. I answered his questions about my flight and stuff and when I go to zip up, I look over at him and he’s straight up stone cold staring at my penis. He also had some weird smile going on. I’m pretty sure that was the first time some random guy went out of his way to stare at my private parts and the whole experience actually wasn’t too bad. It was kind of flattering even. I don’t know why girls complain about it so much. (jk)

Anysegway, I recently started using this app called Level and it is pretty freaking sweet. In a nutshell, Level syncs all of your credit card and bank accounts into one place and gives you up to date information on your latest transactions.

When you first sign up, the app will automatically determine your monthly income, monthly bills, and monthly savings to figure out how much free spending money you have for the month. It will also calculate how much money you can afford to spend on a daily and weekly basis as well.

2014-08-07 22.27.30

So here is a snapshot of my Level app as of today. As you can see, I spent $7 more than my daily budget today, but I still have about $116 left for the week and $923 left for the month. It updates automatically (usually about 20 minutes after you buy something) which allows me to know exactly where I’m at, all the time.

I like this app for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s really easy to see what I’ve spent money on. Sometimes I’ll buy something online and then forget I spent that money until I check my credit card statement. Do that enough times and getting your credit card bill almost becomes a surprise.

It also kind of gives you a constant reminder of what you’ve spent. I read somewhere that some dude lost a ton of weight by writing down how much he weighed every night on a whiteboard. He didn’t actively change his eating/dieting habits but ended up losing weight anyway, probably because his weight was always subconsciously on his mind. This is like the same thing, but with money.

Plus, you know that feeling when you know your credit card bill is going to be high this month but you don’t want to look at it because you’ll just feel bad about yourself? And it just keeps growing and growing because you chose to ignore it? This app forces you to acknowledge your spending on a daily basis so you’ll know exactly when you start to overspend.

  1. It’s also pretty flexible, allowing you to adjust or ignore transactions. This would come in handy if you put your card down for your friends’ meal and they paid you back in cash. There are a lot of other pretty neat features too, so download the app and check it out for yourself.