Idling is for Noobs

Don’t idle your car… ever. If you can get in and out of the store in less than ten seconds, then by all means, let your engine run. If not, turn your car off. Yes, I said ten seconds. That’s all the time you have to let your car sit. If you’re going to idle your car for longer than ten seconds then you sir, are wasting money. You’re also destroying the environment, but more importantly, you’re wasting money.

Studies have shown that it makes more sense for you to turn your engine off and then start it again rather than letting it idle for over ten seconds. I can’t really think of anything you can do in less than ten seconds other than buckling your seat belt, so I guess the general rule is to never let your car idle.

And for that matter, don’t use the drive through. If you’re going to be a fatass and eat fast food, take the time to get out of your car and go inside. Idling for one hour can take up to a gallon of a gasoline. I’m going to go ahead and estimate that the total average wait time for a drive through during a busy day is still going to take about fifteen minutes. You do the math.

And yes, fast food is good for people who are trying to save some money, but if you truly want to master the way of the cheap, I would actually advise against it. Yes, I too love the tacos, McDoubles, jr. bacons, jr. whoppers, sodas with no ice, and etc.etc. And I would even go as far as proclaiming myself as “King of the Tuesday Chicken McNuggets” (I believe my record is 64) But, here at, we strive to not only save ourselves money but also to improve our quality of life. So here is my solution: Instead of eating dinner for $3.25 (after tax) at some fast food joint, make something yourself for about the same price (except it will be enough for three whole meals, four if you’re a girl or just eat like a girl).

How to make hella cheap food at home (don’t worry, it’s not a sandwich):

Disclaimer: I am not good at cooking and I don’t care much about taste but I think this tastes pretty good and it’s simple.

1. First buy some ground beef. Probably 85% lean. This should cost you less than two bucks per pound. From personal experience… Ranch 99 sells it for about two dollars. Sometimes Albertson’s will sell it for 99 cents after 10 pm. Ralphs prices are horrible.
2. Cook 3 cups of rice.
3. Put beef in pan, heat at medium and use your spatula to break it up.
4. Pour in some soy sauce and add Lawry’s seasoning salt
5. Continue breaking up the meat until it is not chunky anymore and then turn stove to high
6. After beef is almost done cooking, break 3 eggs and mix it in
7. After eggs are cooked, turn off stove, pour cooked rice into pan and mix.

There you go. Probably costs around three dollars including rice and eggs and you should have enough for at least three meals. Depending on how much you eat. It is more food, healthier and cheaper than fast food. Also make sure you get some of those plastic Tupperware things so you can take some with you to work. Tupperware should cost roughly $2.50 for five containers.

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