Food Trucks

NoTrucksSWsymbLg-300x298I know I am always incredibly slow on trends, and what I am about to say will either be something you 100% disagree with (because you jumped on the bandwagon) or already know (because you are smarter than me). But anyways… here it is: Food trucks are actually really, very…

not that great at all.

My co-worker recently invited me to go with him to eat at a food truck for lunch.

When he first asked me if I wanted to eat lunch at a food truck, I was thinking something similar to this little Taco Truck I used to eat at back home. It was parked behind a car wash place and owned by a Mexican guy. You could get a Super Burrito, which was about a foot long, for around $4. It was pretty awesome.

My co-worker took me was somewhere that was totally different.

First of all, instead of one food truck, there were like a million (all with social media logos painted on the side). Secondly, there were seriously like 150 people already there waiting in line. 150 noobs, all business casually dressed, waiting for their turn to buy overpriced food from a truck. I was noob #151. I chose to eat at this purple truck that was selling burritos. I mainly made that choice because it had the longest line. Long story short, it was a bad decision. However, I have a feeling any truck I chose to eat at would have been a bad decision. Basically I spent $10 to eat a tiny “asian latin fusion” burrito and fries while squatting in my suit. I also got a stomach ache.

Now I know I am not very trendy and don’t exactly know “what’s in” but… WHAT THE HELL? How does getting food from a truck beat getting food from a restaurant that has chairs? I saw all these people taking pictures of themselves and of the trucks to post up on their yelp, twitter and facebook. WHY IS EATING FROM A TRUCK SO COOL THAT YOU NEED TO TAKE PICTURES? Do people know that selling food from a truck is not a new idea?

It seems like if you own a truck and are good at using social media, then you are allowed to sell overpriced mediocre food… especially if you are able to synergize two different ethnic foods together.

So if you have been hearing about the food truck craze, and “always wanted to try it”… don’t. I just saved you around ten dollars and a stomach ache. You’re welcome. However, if you REALLY want to experience it but don’t want the stomach ache part, you can pretty much just go to any chain store, (ie chipotle, el pollo loco, flame broiler), order what you want, take an extra three dollars out of your wallet and rip it up, take your food outside and eat it on the curb while crouching in the parking lot. It’s pretty much the exact same thing.

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