Food for Thought

As we grow older, eating healthier seems to become more and more important. I’ve heard a lot of people complain about how they can’t eat healthier because eating healthy is too expensive.  On the surface, this seems pretty logical, however, if you think about it a little deeper, it starts to make less sense.

Unless you are barely spending any money on everything else, money shouldn’t be the reason why you can’t eat healthier food. More realistic reasons for not eating healthier would be laziness, lack of time, or wrong priorities. How can you complain about not being able to eat healthy when you can afford to go out every weekend? Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely guilty of this too. If you followed my ‘$500 Challenge’, I ended up spending more money on booze than I did on food. In hindsight, that makes me feel incredibly stupid since alcohol is like the opposite of healthy food.

Obviously you still have to be smart with the money you spend on food (ie cook at home, buy in bulk, take advantage of sales), but you definitely don’t have to sacrifice nutrition when trying to be cheap. Finding money to eat healthier is actually quite simple… just prioritize better. Your health is definitely more important than your money. And even if you don’t think health is more important than money, then just think of eating healthy as an investment to avoid future expensive hospital bills.

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