IMG_0189I have never met anyone that didn’t like eating at Chipotle. Probably because it’s so damn delicious. I eat Chipotle at least once a week. I mean, who could pass up a filling and delicious meal for only $6.40 after tax? Not me. On occasion, I like to treat myself and order some chips with my burrito. Chipotle charges $1 for chips but $1.65 for chips and salsa. The thing is, when you buy a burrito you can get salsa on the side for free. This creates some ambiguity. You want to buy a burrito with salsa on the side AND chips, NOT a burrito AND chips and salsa. How do you ensure this? Ask for the salsa AFTER the cashier rings you up.

So this is how it will go. When you are paying for your burrito, they will probably ask you if you want anything else. Then you say “Yeah can I just have some chips.”  And after they swipe your card, you bust in with “Oh yeah, can I get some salsa on the side?” BAM, no way they’re going to charge you for salsa now. But what if they ask you if you want salsa with the chips before you pay? It would be weird if you say no to the salsa and then immediately change your mind after you pay. That’s when you pull the “come back in a second” move (The name may need some work). Basically, just pass on the salsa for now, stock up on some utensils and napkins (I’ll teach you how later), and then come back in about 30 seconds to ask for it. They’re not going to remember. You can also easily avoid this problem if you’re eating with a friend; have them ask for the salsa with their burrito while you buy the chips.

So, there we have it, get your salsa for free, and save yourself sixty five big ones. (pennies)

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