12 Ways To Get the Raise You Want Faster

What’s stopping you from asking your boss for a raise? Does this sound like something you would do? Like most people, your initial reaction might probably be to reject this idea. Maybe your company just laid people off… maybe you’re certain your boss won’t give it to you… maybe you don’t want to seem too greedy. Whatever it is, I’m sure there are a hundred reasons for why you shouldn’t ask for a raise right now. Also, nobody wants to force an awkward conversation on their superior or put themselves in a position to get rejected.

But I’m sure having an uncomfortable 10 minute conversation would be worth it to you if you knew it could bring you tens of thousands of dollars more a year. Your mother has probably told you that you’ll never get what you want in life unless you go and get it yourself. So, let me help you get yourself a hefty raise with a couple of simple, easy-to-follow tips.

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Upping that Offense

I recently decided that I wanted to become more productive with my time outside of work. I figured that if 99% of the time someone sends me a youtube video, I’d already seen it, I was probably doing something wrong with my life. I decided that I should try to up my ‘offense’ and start looking into alternative ways to make more money.

I’ve always daydreamed about starting some sort of business on the side. But to be honest, none of my ideas have been very actionable without already having a good amount of start-up money or some pretty good programming knowledge. Neither of which is something I possess. I’ve always been low-key jealous of people who majored in computer science for this reason. They not only had the best job opportunities immediately after college, but they left college with a real technical skill. They had the skills to build something that was actually useful and sought after in the real world. I, on the other hand, majored in Economics and left college with zero technical skills. Actually, other than having the ability to make boring things that happen to me sound somewhat interesting, and being fairly good at humble-bragging (see that?), I don’t really have any other marketable skills. Continue reading Upping that Offense

Praise your Raise

I have the best older brother in the world. This is an inarguable fact. Except for maybe being a teeny-tiny bit shorter, he is pretty much better than me at everything. He is also nicer, smarter, better looking, more likeable, and overall, just a better person than me. He is three years older and has helped shape me into the person I am today. Without him, I don’t know if I would’ve even made it to college.

He always gave me a ton of advice when we were younger, but now that we’ve grown up, I don’t need as much help, yet he still consistently sends me small bits of information here and there. He would e-mail me articles related to my industry or send me any potential job opportunities he finds suitable. He also gives me interview tips and pushes me to strive to be better at my role.
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