Boning on a Budget

I’m sure you can agree that one of the largest pitfalls of leaving college and entering the working world is how difficult meeting new people becomes. More importantly for guys, how difficult meeting new girls becomes. Gone are the days where you can just “coincidentally” (and repeatedly) sit next to that cute girl in class. House parties and sorority girls have become nothing but a faint memory and “What’s your major?” probably just isn’t a good opener anymore.

I think it’s safe to say that in life after college, the only way you’re goingto meet new girls is if you actively try to meet new girls. And outside of maybe your work, extended group of friends, or any extracurricular activities you may be involved in, going out is probably your only (and best) option.

“But Mr. Iamhellacheap, going out all the time gets incredibly expensive and saving money at this age is really important!” Yes dutiful reader, that is true, however, you might also agree that getting your penis touched can be equally as important.

So can we afford to go out all the time while curbing spending enough to put away a good chunk of change?  The answer is YES. All we have to do is use a bit of wit, practice some self control and follow a couple of very loose guidelines.

First off, never, and I mean NEVER, buy random girls drinks. You would probably never give a stranger ten bucks just because she’s cute and you want to talk to her, so why do it here? It simply is not a worthwhile investment. Think about it statistically; out of all the times you got suckered into paying for some girl you just met, what percentage of the time did it turn out fantastic for you?

Don’t worry, it is incredibly low for me as well.

And it is not just about money either. Overall it will help your game out; you should never use buying drinks as a crutch. You are there to provide company, maybe some jokes, and a good time. You are not there to provide free alcohol. Even when I am out with my “more baller” friends, they don’t even let random girls at our table drink our booze. My friend, who works at a hedge fund, put it perfectly: “It’s the only way to know if they are there for you or there for free alcohol.”

So the only money you should be spending when you go out is for cover (easily avoidable if you don’t lag), drinks for you (easily avoidable if you pre-game), and drinks for your friends (they will get you back so this expense is pretty much also drinks for you). Now that that is settled, we can move onto the real business.

So you meet a cute girl, get her number, wait the correct number of days to call text her, and plan a date. Deciding what to do on the date is pretty much going to decide how much money you are going to spend. I’ve written something about this two years ago, but I have since evolved my rules to “never eat dinner on the first date.” Avoid eating with them by planning to meet later in the evening and then somehow, in passing, subtly mention that you already ate. I generally try to avoid having meals on first dates because it produces extra costs without providing much benefit. Instead of dinner, take them to happy hour. You get the same setting, but at a fraction of the cost. Also, since I pretty much have zero game, I always find a little bit of booze to be helpful.

I have also come to learn that on the first date, the girl will almost always offer to split the bill. Just take the offer; let her help pay. If she doesn’t offer, don’t sweat it, but she most likely will. Also I’m sure there is some benefit to you by letting her pay since she will be subconsciously acknowledging that you are worthy of her spending her resources on. But either way, it will save you some dough.

From here, now that two of you are both giddy and buzzed, you can nonchalantly suggest to watch a (free) movie back at your pad. Beforehand, however, you should have prepared for this logistically by having her drive to your place and then you drive her to the date location. And once she agrees to come to your pad… I think you can handle the rest.

Realistic review breakdown of your expenses:

Club Cover: $20 (avoidable)
Drinks for you (3): $24 (avoidable)
Bill for date (split): $25

Total expenses from you meeting her to her meeting your penis: $70, give or take.

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