Bill Splitting 101

Hello fellas. I’m pretty sure you’ve all been there before. You’re going to have lunch with this girl that you kind of are but also kinda of not interested in. I mean, you’d probably be down to bone her, but not too sure if you want to put in the work yet. Also, you’re not even really sure if she’s that into you, while at the same time you’re pretty certain you’re not in the friend zone yet.

So what ended up happening? You guys are going on a lunch date. Well… maybe it’s a date? You don’t know.

So now you’re investing roughly $10 (for your lunch) into this girl that you’re not quite sure about yet. Do you want to pay for her lunch as well and make it $20?

Hmm…. maybe. I mean another $10 is not that much but at the same time you’re asking yourself “Do I REALLY want to pay for her?” Good question. You continue thinking “Money aside, I might already have the upper hand with this girl… would paying for her ruin that? Also, I don’t know her that well, paying for her might be a tool-move. What if she starts expecting me to pay for everything?”

The check comes.

You take out your card and put it down. She does nothing. Or maybe, she starts to reach for her wallet and out of awkwardness you tell her it’s not a problem. She quickly agrees.

Great. Your $10 investment becomes $20 and now this girl thinks you’re more into her than you actually are.

“But how could I have avoided that?”

Let’s back up a couple hours to right when she asked… “Where do you want to eat?”

Here is a list of possible correct responses (Somewhat ranked in terms of Fanciness):

Pei Wei
Fish Grill
Soup Plantation
Panera Bread
Corner Bakery
Native Cafe
Veggie Grill
Taco’s and Co
Fukada 2 go
Thai Spice
Le Diplomate
Panda Express
Baja Fresh
Pick up Stix
5 guys
And hundreds more…

Now why is this list so special?

All of these restaurants are pay first and sell individual meals. Two very important factors when choosing a place to eat for this particular situation with this particular girl. It will almost ensure bill splitting and will guarantee to avoid any awkwardness. But don’t make any noob mistakes… remember it’s important to 1. Pretend to take a while to decide and let her order first and 2. Don’t ask her what she wants.

So fellas, I hope you keep this in mind the next time that fairly boneable girl comes along.  And remember… stay smart and stay cheap.