Oh hey there.

I know. I failed to post for the last couple of months and I legitimately feel kind of bad about it. To be honest, I was really hoping that my next post would be an announcement of the launch of a new site I’ve been working on, but my developer recently got a girlfriend and stopped working on it and started working on her (oh!). So… yea… I guess I’ll just let you know when and if that comes out.

Anyways, a couple of months ago this article went viral. It’s an article about advice handed down from a Hong Kong billionaire telling you how to save your money. On the day it went viral, it was sent to me at least five times before I even ate lunch and I also saw it posted all over Facebook. Overall, I think that the message of the article was good, even though his method of budgeting didn’t seem super practical or realistic. What was funny to me though, was how everyone was jumping on this dude’s dick about how important it was to save money and how they were all of a sudden so inspired.

It seems to me that for all other days of the year, talking about frugality or staying on a tight budget is socially looked down upon, but when a billionaire comes along and says it was cool to save, staying on a budget all of a sudden becomes the coolest fucking thing to do… and talk about… for about two days.

Don’t get me wrong, I really liked the message of the article. I just find this social situation hella ironic. If you’re rich and you talk about saving money, you’re a genius. If you’re poor and you talk about saving money, you’re cheap. But I guess to be fair, a billionaire could say next to anything related to money and people would still bandwagon.

Here’s my problem. I think that this ironic social situation is part of the reason why people can’t manage their finances correctly. Take this for example: Is $100 a lot of money? Yes. It’s a lot of money to me. It’s a lot of money to you. But some people like to pretend it’s not a lot of money because they want to give off an impression that they’re better than people who do think it’s a lot of money. This in turn pressures other people to also act like it’s not a lot of money. And then all of a sudden, it’s accepted that $100 isn’t a lot of money and if you think it is, you’re obviously poor. And nobody wants to be poor so you better spend that $100 like it’s nothing.

But if a billionaire says $100 is a lot of money, then for some reason, it becomes a lot of money again. And now it is okay for you to act like $100 is a lot of money and budgeting your money is suddenly important.

I say this a lot, but I think it’s important to repeat that what you see people spend and their net worth is not always positively correlated. In fact, by definition it’s kind of the opposite if you really think about it. So think about it.

And to wrap this up, you might be thinking. Man, does the guy writing all this shit have hella money or is he just some scrub? Should I even listen to him? It really could be either; I’ll leave that up for you to ponder. But I guess if you got my point, you’d know it wouldn’t matter, now would it?

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