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Yep, my name is Albert and the person in that picture is me. It is the first and hopefully last ‘selfie’ I’ve taken and subsequently uploaded to the internet. This is mainly because I think selfies are kind of really dumb.

Unfortunately, it seems like nobody else agrees with this view. I’ve noticed a very steep upward trend in the popularity of posting ‘selfies’ over the past few years and still think it’s incredibly weird. All of your friends already fucking know what you look like. They don’t need a daily reminder. It’s also super funny to me when people go places and take an up close picture of their face and then in the description they need to tell you where they’re at because their face is blocking the background. So in the end they just have a collection of identical pictures of their big dumb face taken at different places they’ve been. Seems a little counterproductive, but I digress.

So why did I decide to post a picture of myself here? Well, I’m coming out. For almost four years, I’ve updated this blog somewhat anonymously. When I started, I wanted to be anonymous because being cheap is kind of a weird thing to talk about but I think I’ve kind of exhausted that subject by now. Do you know how hard it is to only write about how to save money for four years straight?  It’s not easy to come up with new stuff to talk about when you pigeon hole yourself into such a specific subject.  And for that reason, I’ve found myself not being able to update as much as I’d like. This is also the only reason I haven’t updated as much. It’s definitely not because I’m lazy or anything…

So now, instead of strictly talking about how to practice financially responsibility I’m basically just going to talk about whatever I feel like. But don’t worry, I promise it will be just as awesome.

Oh yea, I almost forgot. My latest post about how to Automate Your Savings wasn’t posted here and was featured on instead so check it out over there.

Alright. Enough with the announcements. I’ll continue my spiel on regularly posting pictures of your face sometime in the future since I could probably go on about it forever. But on a related note, I want to discuss a related phenomenon that I’ve discovered recently and it has to do with Instagram. First I must admit that I do not have an Instagram account, but I’ve peeked over my girlfriend’s shoulder enough times to get a pretty good feel about what’s going on.

So I think you’d agree with me when I say: on social media, nobody has a bad time. Meaning, people want to seem like they’re always having a good time through their posts. This kind of makes sense, and I can understand why. I am even willing to bet money that there have been multiple occasions where you’ve gone out with someone, saw firsthand that they had an okay/whatever time, then went home and saw them post some picture about how much fun they had.

Alright, cool whatever. It doesn’t affect me right? Well, in my little knowledge of Instagram, I also happen to know that people also really like to post picture of food they eat.  Girls and guys, who are girly, will go to extraordinary lengths to take the best possible picture of whatever they’re eating, hashtag the shit out of it and then post it online for all of their friends to see. Then hundreds of other girls/girly guys will see the picture, fawn over how amazing the food looks, go out and buy the same food. But, before they eat it they will also take the best possible picture of it, post it on Instagram and hashtag the shit out of it, enticing hundreds of more girls/girly guys to repeat the process.

But what if the food tastes like shit? Nobody ever mentions that. Seriously, nobody ever mentions it. It’s statistically impossible that every picture posted on Instagram tastes good. Probably because people already spent all this work taking the best picture possible with the most ideal background. There’s no way they’re going to not post that picture and not hashtag some meaningless words and made-up phrases under it because nobody ever has a bad time on social media. Especially if so many of their friends had already posted the same thing and no one mentioned that it tasted bad, they can’t be the odd man out.  And thus, the cycle continues…

So in theory, all restaurants really need to get popular is just to have nice scenery and really pretty food. How the food tastes is definitely secondary because followers on Instagram will take care of the rest.

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