2015: Your Year of Austerity

When-You-Refuse-to-Check-Your-Bank-AccountDamn, is it February already? That can pretty much only mean one thing. You’ve already given up on your new year’s resolutions didn’t you? I know I did. My resolution was to update this blog more, but as you can see, that hasn’t really been happening. Anyways, more likely than not, one of your resolutions this year was probably to become more financially responsible and save more money. If that’s the case, I think I can be of some help.

I’ve discussed this topic a ton in the past, so instead of getting into any specific strategies again, I’m just going to suggest that you try doing one simple thing. It only takes about two minutes a day and it’s incredibly easy to do. I strongly believe that if you actively check your daily expenses every single day, you will naturally start to curb your spending. I’m not telling you to start setting budgets or restrict yourself from doing anything; I just want, on a nightly basis, for you to acknowledge to yourself everything you spent that day. The consistency is the important part.

This little task eliminates a lot of the causes of overspending. You’ll never forget about any random expenses that you failed to take into account. Also, your impression of your spending habits and the reality of your spending habits will always be the same. And as an added bonus, you’ll never accidentally get overcharged for anything (happens more than you’d think).

How you want to go about doing this is up to you. You can individually log into your bank accounts every night, or there are several apps out that will put them all in one place for you. I personally use an app called Level, which I’ll link a more detailed review of below. I like using that app because it gives me aggregated, up to date info on my spending from all of my accounts.

So try doing this every day for thirty days and see if it makes a difference for you. Remember, consistency is key. If it works out for you, be sure to let me know. And if it doesn’t, be sure to keep it to yourself.

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